Many anglers return time and time again to our socials but there is always new faces on each social. Below you will see a sample of comments left by people who attended socials.

  • positive review  Great set of lads with top drawer food and been on a few socials when I can and you meet someone new on everyone. Well done to the guys who sort it all out.

    Paul Carp Avatar Paul Carp
    6th September 2018

    positive review  Serious carp Socials i’ve been on many over the last two years and and enjoying myself on every trip I can highly recommend them as a good weekend away with friends and great company the barbecues are top dog everyone is well organised for a good weekend 10 out of 10 for me and hope to go on many more every venue is top class I think my favourite this year what’s the quarry in Essex had a blank that doesn’t matter its the taking part that counts and made lots of new friends get on one you will be disappointed all the best Terry

    Terrence West Avatar Terrence West
    7th September 2018

    positive review  I went on my first Serious Carp Social earlier this year at Merrington fishery. everyone to a man were friendly and chatted despite obviously knowing each other from earlier socials. There was no clique's just good open banter. The organisation was outstanding, and the food at the bbq was superb and plenty of it. I'd whole heartedly recommend attending an event if you haven't already, you won't be disappointed !

    Chris Duffy Avatar Chris Duffy
    7th September 2018
  • positive review  its a great group for carp angling and meeting new anglers sharing advices and tips.

    Aaron Temple Avatar Aaron Temple
    23rd October 2018

    positive review  Top quality socials organised by top people would 100% recommend to anyone

    Luke Iddon Avatar Luke Iddon
    6th September 2018

    positive review  Very well organised and run carp fishing socials. Great venues with likeminded anglers of all ages and experience. The BBQ’s offer excellent food and lots of it and give everyone a chance to get together for banter or a natter. People are willing to help or teach others to improve their fishing. Goodie bags with fishing products from sponsors are a nice extra too. If you haven’t already, give one a try but they sell out fast so you have to be quick 🙂

    Jim Rattray Avatar Jim Rattray
    8th September 2018
  • positive review  Never been on a scs before so felt very anxious about being the only lady angler going... well i really didnt need to worry i had the most warmest welcome from Tremayne and the rest of the scs lads.. even got a helping hand to move my stuff to my swim... met some fantastic people on the socials and made many new friends. The event is so well organised that is makes it a very relaxing experiance knowing everything is taken care off. The bbq is just dam right yummy and when people say you wont need anythink else to eat after the bbq there right there is enough food to feed a army... cant wait to go on another one

    Charlotte Luce Avatar Charlotte Luce
    6th September 2018

    positive review  These socials are fantastic. Well organised and top quality carp lakes. The BBQ is great and plenty of it. I've fished lakes I would never have gone to on my own. Including a week in France.

    Dave Bennion Avatar Dave Bennion
    6th September 2018

    Serious Carp Socials are fantastic in every way! Everyone is made to feel welcome from the start, very well organised and the BBQ’s are unreal, enough food to feed an Army! I’ve only managed to get on two Socials so far with my 3rd coming up soon �. If it wasn’t for work getting in the way I would be on every social. Some great venues to fish, and if you fish a lot on your own like I do they are great for meeting new people. Each angler normally gets a goodie bag on arrival with a few bits in from supporting companies. Keep up the good work T, and also chef Gav. Not forgetting Phil with his photography skills and Drone coverage. �� Highly recommended.

    Adam Jackson Avatar Adam Jackson
    7th September 2018
  • Hello all I hear of and joined the FB community here last year. But due to working weekends last year was not in a position to actually go to a SCS. However my role at work changed in November 2017 and now only do Monday to Thursday. So in January I paid for my first SCS, in my mind at the time was being my first one - How well was it run by T How would the BQ be What would the other carpers there be like After the first 36hrs, I new a wanted to go again - T - sound feller great organisation over the socials, also the goody bags a great bonus. BQ - WOW if you like meat from a BQ it keeps coming all types of meat on it and Gav does a cracking job cooking it. Roll on the meat sweats. Carpers - all the ones that have come so far are open and friendly, like a big family and welcome anyone new to the family. Great bunch of capers. So as I said 36hrs in, I new a wanted to do another one and decided to signed up to do the whole year, 1 a month and love the fact I'm going to different lakes which I would never go to if I was not on the SCS. I will say I'm still to get a carp over the net on a SCS and it's not a given you will as not everyone who attends catch on them, but that's fishing for you. SCS are brilliant and should you being thinking about doing one - DO IT you will not regret it. T - I love them so much I know we still have a few to go this year, I do plan to in 2019 to sign up for all of them again. See you soon, CarperGaz������������

    Carper Gaz Avatar Carper Gaz
    7th September 2018

    positive review  Well organised quality lakes

    Jake English Avatar Jake English
    29th August 2018

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